Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chocolate adventure!

Scharffen Berger, which I absolutely adore even though it is owned by Hershey, is having a supercool Chocolate Adventure Recipe Contest. (Seriously. Scharffen Berger. Have you had one of their nibby bars? Because if not, you definitely should. It will change your life... albeit probably in a fairly small way.)

So, yes. I want to enter. But first I need to come up with something fabulously creative, which I definitely haven't done yet. My first two ideas were desserts... coconut milk, chocolate and chili cheesecake, and sticky rice with mango, black sesame seeds and bitter chocolate sauce. But I don't feel like either of those are really adventurous enough... I'll have to come with something really wacky.

Anybody want to taste test?

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