Wednesday, February 25, 2009

green-filled mushrooms...

So, I'm all for colorful food, but...

portobello mushrooms stuffed with green mashed potatoes?


I don't know. I'll be honest, it looks kind of terrifyingly green. But it sounds tasty, so maybe someday I'll work up the nerve.

Incidentally, I ran across the above image at the great, and wonderfully reincarnated, Tastespotting. Tastespotting is a foodporn addict's dream... or worst nightmare, depending on how much you have to get done. Basically, people all across the internet post pictures from and links to blog posts about food anywhere. Such pretty pictures! Such pretty food!


andrew david said...

I like portobellos but it sounds a bit boring with mashed potatoes in them. But I do like foods colored naturally with other foods, like whipped peas or beets. I made portabello pizzas with mozzerella, (okay every word is having a red line under it) spinach, and tomatoes, and those were very good. Portobellas (3rd attempt at spelling that) do get a wonderful flavor when baked/roasted and are easy to prep. They're like the anti artichoke.

Camila said...

Did you know that "portobello" is basically a made-up word for an overgrown mushroom? I learned this in a book. Alas, I cannot remember which one... one of pollan's, maybe? maybe not? maybe "how to pick a peach?" dunno. The point is, a portobello is really an overgrown cremini mushroom, and they used to be mistakes that were just thrown away by mushroom growers. But then some savvy farmer realized that if he gave it a new, european-sounding name he could sell the overgrown mushrooms to unsuspecting customers and they turned out to be quite delicious.

So that is probably why there's no right way to spell portabello/portobello/portobella. Because it was just invented not too long ago, so we haven't settled on a proper spelling.

"Portobellos: The Anti-Artichoke." Sounds like an ad campaign :D