Friday, December 28, 2012

German Mushroom Soup

Here is a decent recipe to produce with your pounds and pounds of dried mushrooms.

Saute 8 oz baby bella mushrooms and 8 oz white crimini mushrooms in 3 tbsp butter and a squirt of olive oil for 10 min, add 2/3 cup Tawny Port (the only beverage alive which tastes like Christmas and actually produces Christmas inside you if you are drunk on it), and 32 oz vegetable stock, or water with vegetable pulp in it (such as carrot, cucumber, and pepper pulp from a juicer).  Simmer for 10 more minutes, then let cool long enough to put into a processor or blender.  Once creamy, return to pot along with 1 cup dried mushroom mix (or fresh).  I used Oyster, Ivory Portabellas, Shiitaki, Brazilian, Morels, and Porcini, because those are what I have.  Lots of.  Still, after 3 years.  Some mushrooms are an acquired taste.  Season with garlic powder, onion or onion powder, 1 red chile diced (dry or fresh), green chives, and 1 tsp all spice.  Zest 1/2 of a carrot through a fine cheese grater.  Add 16 fl oz water, and boil for 30 min.  Remove from heat, add 16 oz creme.  Stir and serve.

Its not a revolutionary mushroom soup, but it has 7 kinds of fungi, a good blend of seasonings, a nice undertone of sweet liquor, and its easy.  Better hot than cold.

Easily spruce it up with some gratuitous German Bratwist slices.  You know, if you can't eat a thing unless it has meat in it.


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