Saturday, July 5, 2008

food and color

I hate colorless food. I can't stand it. I have come to realize that perhaps this is not quite normal, as William looks at a monochromatic plate and sense no offense to his eyes, palate, or soul, but it drives me mad. I almost can't eat a non-colorful meal.

Exhibit A: A few weeks ago (dang, I haven't posted in a long time) I made fried rice that would have been perfectly passable -- everything cooked for the right amount of time, the sauce tasted reasonably good, nothing to write home about but a perfectly acceptable dinner in my book -- EXCEPT that there was neither green nor red in it. Not a single pea, not a scrap of red bell pepper, no cabbage or green onions, no red onions or chilies, no salad with greens or tomato or cucumber or ANYTHING. Needless to say, no purple eggplant or blueberries, either.

It had rice (brown), onions (white), corn (yellow), carrots (orange), egg (yellow), garlic (virtually invisible), AND THAT WAS IT. I looked at it and I wanted to cry. I apologized profusely to William for inflicting such damage to his eyes and he looked at me like I was a maniac.

But it was practically colorless! Everything on it came from the same palate of colors. Earth tones. It's not right.

I'm not crazy. A meal with more colors in it is more attractive, more interesting, AND it's better for you. So why waste your time eating white rice, boiled parsnips and plain tofu? That might be an excessively nauseating example, but the point still sounds. Brown, white, orange and yellow just isn't enough.

That meal gets a FAIL.

Side note: while looking for some scientific support for my anti-colorless-foods stance, I found this. Ain't the internet/science/human curiosity a wonderful thing?

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