Sunday, June 22, 2008


I broke my camera. That's right, deja vu -- this time, my pretty pretty camera that I've had for all of a month.

I didn't drop it this time -- noooo, I committed the cardinal sin of keeping it in a case in my purse at all times. Well, I guess my offense was actually in assuming that the case would keep it safe. Now, as I stare in despair at a fractured LCD, I realize that my purse regularly smacks into things, and I would really need a case made of titanium to protect fragile electronic equipment. Needless to say, my case was not made of titanium

I'm fairly positive the warranty won't cover it, but I'm still waiting to hear how much a fix will cost me.

This is so sad. I suck at owning cameras.

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j said...

This exact thing happened to a kid on our England trip last year--well, maybe it wasn't in a purse, but in its case, and the lcd was cracked.

The warranty eventually did cover it. Here's hoping.