Thursday, March 6, 2008

busy busy

Last night was thai curry, probably my current staple dish. If memory serves, I've never completely botched it -- underspiced occasionally, but that's it. It's a keeper! I'm not sure if garbanzo beans are a traditional part of thai cuisine, but if not, they should be. Sez me.

I am DYING -- cough cough, see? -- to bake french bread. I saw the daring bakers post, and since then have had to read about all kinds of other people baking french bread. I am so jealous. As soon as this blitz build is over and I have a day off (days off! what a beautiful invention!) it is french bread city, population: me.


Also, as soon as I have some free time, I will pay attention to my sorrowfully neglected Google Reader. Seriously. 789 unread items! And, okay, so 489 of them are from tastespotting, but STILL. There is just so much to read! So many recipes to try! So many foodporny pictures to ogle, foodcooking stories to read, cookbook reviews to study -- just so darn much!

What's worst of all, I think, is that I want to make EVERYTHING. Seriously. Well, mostly seriously. There are lots and lots of things I've never cooked that I really want to. And if it weren't for all those food blogs I read, I wouldn't have to think about it, but as it is I am constantly reminded of all the things I have no clue how to make -- yet.

And I am incapable of planning more than two weeks in advance -- in fact, even two weeks is a little too much. A week is much more practical. So that's really only 7 days, 14 if I'm lucky, and when 2 of those nights are necessary quick-food items and I have a set budget that only allows a few food splurges per week and only 2 days off (well, usually I get two days off) for hard-core cooking, that is Nothing. That is No Time At All.

And in my mind, if I can't make it in the next two weeks, I will never make it at all!


Guess what? Guess what? Tonight, I made pita bread! And -- get this! -- some of them even had pockets. That's right. They puffed.


More later. You know, when I get time off or something crazy like that.

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sarah said...

hey hey! thanks for following along (with tastespotting) in your reader!