Tuesday, March 4, 2008

like a big pizza pie

So dinner tonight was pizza. Last time I made pizza, it was a thick, chewy crust a la what the hell does a vegan eat anyway. This time, it was thin and crisp, a la A New Vegetarian epicure. How did I pick those two recipes? Last time, I wanted a dough I knew I could let sit in the fridge while I was at work -- this time, one that took less than an hour to rise. What can I say -- I don't have all day to cook. Oh, how I wish that I did...

The jury (of one) has voted -- thick and chewy wins the race. Tonight's pizza was good, but just not a satisfying as a thicker, meatier (figuratively speaking) pizza. Mine was mozzarella, spinach and feta cheese, with a bit of crushed peppers and basil. Confession: I wilted the spinach in the same pan I used to fry tofu yesterday. I dumped out the extra oil, gave it a swipe with a paper towel and threw them in on high for about 45 seconds. Gross, huh? But when the boyfriend worked 12 hours today and 10 hours yesterday, I'm hardly going to harp on him for getting a little lax with the dish washing. And I'm sure not going to wash the dishes myself!

His was mozzarella, parmesan and ham, with crushed peppers and basil. That's right. Kroger deli ham, ripped into little pieces. I read fancy-schmancy food blogs that talk about pancetta and prosciutto, and it makes me kind of want to laugh. Like that's ever going to fit in my budget.

I'll post pictures later, maybe. Right now I'm going to bed. The boyfriend may have worked 12 hours, but hey -- I worked 10. That's a long time, too.

Also? I totally left the oven on. At 550 degrees. For two hours, while we were dancing.

Dang. I am bad at this.

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tom said...

Did these pizzas have sauce? I made some pizzas Monday night and one guest insisted on having barbeque sauce on it as the red sauce.