Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Gnocchi with thyme vinaigrette and lemon-cashew cream at vegan yum yum

I think I'd avoid the eggless gnocchi route, since this post suggests it is more finicky, but I do like the idea of the simple, complementary sauces. If I manage to make pasta myself, the pasta will be the STAR of the meal, so I'll need not-overpowering sauces. At least the first time, while I'm still all proud of myself.

Monkey bread at the knead for bread

Monkey Bread! What a great invention. I think I linked to a monkey bread post last time, too... whatever. Let's all celebrate the joy that is monkey bread.

Apple bundt cake at cafe chocolada

Add to the list of things I need: a bundt pan. Incidentally, I had a fantastic apple muffin this morning. I bet this would be like that... but better.

Red curry at cookbook catchall

Oh, just look at that picture... what a beautiful photo! I usually make green curry, but I really should branch out. Whatever. I don't care about the recipe that much. It's the photography that really caught my eye. Damn.

Espresso chocolate chunk cookies at eggs on sunday

If you love me, you will make me these cookies. Or let me make them for us to savor together. Click! Click, I say! More beautiful pictures and a recipe that is definitely going to be sticking around. Mmmf.

Tiramisushi at dessert first

These seem... strange. Not something I would want to make or even, really, eat -- but they certainly are creative. All the same, I think some things just don't really need to be messed with. Tiramisu is pretty damn perfect as it is. Why try to merge it with sushi?

Strawberries with balsamic vinegar at cheap healthy good

Such a strange idea.. I have got to try this. That's all there is to it.

Blackberry hand pies at gourmet girl

Blackberry hand pies. Hand pies? Like little miniature calzones, apparently -- one-handed, one-person, and, I'm willing to bet, entirely delicious. We have established through experimentation that a whole pie is too darn big for just William and myself -- we actually have half a pie in the house right now, left over from pi day, and I worry that we won't get through it before it goes bad. William has such a fondness for pies, and they are so simply delicious, that I hate to not make them... little bitty pies are pretty much the best compromise ever. And these look fantastic.

Homesick Texan has a lovely post about her grandfather's special pancakes -- very touching.

Orangette writes about her time in Paris -- and shares, among many other things, a chocolate granola recipe!

Pasta with cauliflower, walnuts and feta at smitten kitchen

I don't like cauliflower... but damned if this doesn't sound good!

And th-th-that's all for today, folks.

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j said...

I'm curious--have you always had a fascination with the culinary arts, or is this more of a recent phenomenon? Methinks you need to run a restaurant for a while at some point in your future--or perhaps a niche catering operation on weekends while you're making megabucks writing op ed pieces for a major paper...