Saturday, May 31, 2008

Waffles three ways, and how to poach an egg

13 ways of looking at a waffle... or, well, three, at least.

Breakfast for dinner is one of William's favorite meals. That might be primarily because bacon features a starring role on his plate, but there are lots of delicious breakfast foods that are way too good to be reserved for the a.m. Waffles? French toast? Fruit-filled pancakes? Muffins? Breakfast potatoes?

Not too long ago I gave in to my craving for waffles and bought a cheap waffle iron at the thrift store. Of course, that meant it was waffles-for-dinner time!

The waffles are standard Joy of Cooking, with whole wheat flour subbed in for some of the flour. From left,one has a poached egg and salsa (wish I'd had some bell peppers), one is topped with bananas and chocolate, and the third has strawberries and bananas in it. Overall it was pretty delightful. I wasn't sure if the waffle-and-egg thing would work, but it was even better than eggs on toast. I should have gone ahead and added some cheese -- then I would have been really living on the edge.

I might have mentioned my inability to poach eggs... but that one doesn't look too bad, right? Flat, but at least in one piece. My father gave me some advice, in a roundabout fashion:

-Add vinegar to the water right before the eggs
-Make sure that the water is the right temperature, just hot enough that tiny bubbles on the bottom drift up slowly.
-Crack the egg right above the water, so that the eggshell is partly underneath the water as you split it open. Your fingers should get barely wet if you have the shell close enough.

And it helped! Thanks, Tom!

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